Top 10 Catchy Names for Church Newsletters (2023)

Top 10 Catchy Names for Church Newsletters (1)

Did you know that major publishers like The New York Times and The Associated Press use newsletters to increase their readership?

That's why a newsletter is a great idea for your church.

Church bulletins are an effective way to disseminate information.Needed informationfor every member of your church at the same time.

But before you start diggingchurch newsletter ideasor find outWhat to put in the church bulletinyou have to give it a name. It is essential to come up with catchy names for church bulletins. Read on for some ideas for good church bulletin names.

Why start a newsletter?

Church bulletins are among the marketing strategiesto disseminate information and gain readers.

It is a victory for all. You can spread important information in your congregation, your congregation feels connected to church updates and news, and your church news spreads.

Through the church newsletter, you can share stories and the gospel directly with your church. It may be related to last Sunday's message, or it may be something else entirely to share that you feel called to share.

You can use it to announce upcoming events that your congregation needs to know about. Events and social gatherings are the pillars that unite its members in faith, friendship and fun.

The Bulletin can also be used to announce any Church business, such as announcing requests for donations.

Perhaps your church needs a new youth leader or food volunteers. A church bulletin is a great way to announce any needs or help you may need.

It's also a great way to draw attention to your church and get your message out in the area.

If your church triesget more members, the newsletter will tell potential members what to expect when they attend your church.

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Not to mention, a church newsletter is something any current member can easily pass on to a friend who might be interested.

They will know what kind of messages they can expect from you and why they might be a good fit for your congregation.

Ultimately, the newsletter will build a stronger relationship with your congregation. Delivering consistent messages and messaging will build a sense of trust and security.

Why are names in church bulletins important?

Every choice you make about your church bulletin should be strategic.

For example,Imageused on the cover or any image used inside should generate interest or draw attention.

But before you create a newsletter, you should consider the name. The name is important to the success of your newsletter.

A catchy name for your church newsletter that communicates what your ministry stands for will be easy to remember and will make people want to read it. In that sense, a name that is not creative and memorable could work against you.

If you don't know where to start, there are plenty of to help you find the perfect names for your church bulletins.

It is a good idea to avoid including the name of your church in the name of your newsletter. Your congregation already knows the name of your church, so it is redundant.

The title "Newsletter of the Episcopal Church of Mary" does not generate as much interest as "Seeking Truth Today."

It's also a good idea to consider using action words. The action words are exciting and encourage readers to pick up the church bulletin.

There is a noticeable difference between the title "Church News Now" and "Growing in God Today."

1. Alliterative affiliate names

Did you notice how fun it was to read the title? This is because alliteration creates rhythm.

This beat is memorable and creates a tone and mood that will stay in the reader's mind. The pacing will also drive the text forward and make someone want to keep reading.

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Alliteration also emphasizes the meaning of the words used, which is especially important for a title with only a small number of words.

Finally, the alliteration also creates a sense of lyrical comedy and lightness. An excellent example of this effect can be found in most children's books.

Think about the books you read as a child. Most of them probably contained a mix of rhyming words and alliteration, as this is a guaranteed way to keep children entertained while reading.

So what are some good examples of church bulletin names that use alliteration?

The Weekly Word is a good example for several reasons.

When you say it, it drips off your tongue, which is great for increasing your readership and inspiring people to talk about it more often. It also informs the reader that they can expect to receive a new newsletter every week, so they can follow it every week.

"Gospel Gab" is great too. This headline is fun to say and sets an energetic tone as you read it. It's also a bit more modern than your average church newsletter headline, and may appeal to a broader audience as a result.

"Following Faith in Fellowship" is a good example of a church bulletin name that is a more traditional alliterative title. It has a classic and elegant tone while still being captivating. It is also clear what content readers can find there.

2. Names that rhyme

Rhyming titles have a very similar effect on readers as alliteration. It is attractive, fun and entertaining. The more pleasant it is to talk, the better the title will be remembered and the more people will be willing to mention it in conversation.

Therefore, using rhyming names in church bulletins can only help increase readership. Readers are likely to remember the title after reading it just once because rhyming words are easier to remember.

Pews News is short, sweet and to the point. This is a short poem that is easier to remember.

Holy Only is also a very memorable name for a church bulletin. Like Pews News, this headline lets everyone know what kind of content to expect. While rhyming will make your newsletter memorable, you need to make sure people know that your newsletter is about church and faith.

3. God-Centered Names

Why not cut to the chase and include God himself in your title?

“Jesus Sets Us Free” is a title that focuses on God and also includes rhymes, making it the perfect name to use.

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It's also vague enough that you can put whatever you want on it. While some church newsletters may focus on news or announcements and updates, this type of headline suggests that the content can be anything. For example, you can include prayer requests, poems, and even songs.

"Lord of Lords Ledger" is another perfect example. It keeps the title centered on God while using the creativity of alliteration.

God Squad is a fun and fast game. It also sounds more modern and can be great.focused youth or teennewsletters

4. Proper names

You can also use your title to let the congregation know how often you expect to post or send out a new church bulletin.

This will also help readers associate your newsletter with a specific day or time of the month, making it more memorable.

"Weekly Worship" is a headline that tells people that the newsletter is about the church and that they can expect a new edition every week.

"His Mercy Monthly" is a classy title that lets readers know that once a month they can look forward to a new issue. If you pinpoint what time of the month a new issue comes out, say the fourth Sunday of each month, it will be even more memorable.

5. Classic names

Nothing can replace the tradition and grace of a classic name that everyone can appreciate.

“By His Grace” is a beautiful name that evokes serene and peaceful images while keeping the message.

"Gospel Truth" is a familiar-sounding title, and it's a phrase most readers have heard before. This will be easier to remember and readers will easily associate the phrase with a church bulletin.

"The Light of the Lord" is a beautiful title that also uses alliteration, making it doubly appealing. Using words that evoke positive or uplifting feelings, like "light," is always a good idea.

6. Titles of Biblical references

Using Bible references in titles can be fun. This way, the words will be instantly familiar and may even remind people of the verses or stories they came from. The more recognizable the Bible reference is, the more fun it will be for people to read it.

The Ark Articles is a fun title that will remind your readers of one of the most famous Bible stories ever told. This story is so popular that it was even filmed in a Hollywood movie.

"Walking on Water Weekly" is an excellent choice for several reasons.

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It evokes the classic image of Jesus walking on the water in front of his disciples. This is one of the most beloved stories in the Bible, showing the true power of Jesus. It also uses alliteration and tells readers how often they can expect to receive the church bulletin.

7. Hopeful names

Incorporating positivity and light on your behalf can only be a good thing! Reading words that bring good luck will motivate readers to keep reading.

emproofConducted at the University of Vermont, mathematicians asked participants to rank words based on how happy they were. Some of the top rated words are "happiness", "love", "joy", "rainbow", and "smile".

"Happiness in Him" ​​is a calm-sounding name that immediately evokes soft images and colors and evokes a sense of peace.

“Love the Lord” is another good example of a name full of hope. It will bring a smile to readers' faces just thinking about it.

"Happy Word" is also a headline that will immediately get your readers thinking in a positive and comforting way.

8. Cross names

Cruzit is one of the most powerful symbols of faith. It represents so much even though it is a unique and unadorned object. Therefore, a cross-based church bulletin name is a powerful choice.

"Giving the cross" is a strong option. This brings to mind the image of Jesus faithfully fulfilling his duty as envisioned by his congregation.

"Cross of Christ" is also a strong and bold name. This brings to mind the strength of God and how he protects his followers.

9. Names of the Congregation

Listing your congregation in the name of your church bulletin is always a good idea! This will make your church feel special and remind them that the church cares about them and their well-being.

Worshipers Weekly is an example of a name that makes its readers stand out. It also uses alliteration and tells them how often the newsletter is published.

"Cultivating God's People" is another perfect example. This will let your readers know that your newsletter is designed to help them grow in faith.

10. Catchy names for church bulletins

The catchiest church bulletin names will likely incorporate one or more of the tips above for maximum effectiveness.

"Pray Through The Day" is catchy because it rhymes and stays on message.

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"Place of Grace News" is a name that is fun to read, fun to say, and one that will make people feel good.

Get everything you need to know about church bulletins - Download the free guide

wants to createchurch bulletinto better connect with the congregation and attract new members? This free guide has everything you need to know to quickly create the perfect newsletter, including...

  • Ideas and best practices for church newsletters.
  • Sample church newsletters to inspire you.
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    Top 10 Catchy Names for Church Newsletters (4)


How do you make a catchy newsletter title? ›

Start brainstorming words that you feel describe your business or the content of your newsletters, write them down then find synonyms for those words. You'll end up with a solid starting point. Be cognizant of your audience and look for creative newsletter titles that will appeal to them and their interests.

How do you name a monthly newsletter? ›

Good Newsletter Names for Monthly Newsletters
  1. [Your Name]'s Quarterly/Monthly.
  2. [Your Name]'s Monthly Roundup.
  3. [Your Name]'s Monthly Bulletin.
  4. [Your Name]'s Monthly Wrap-up.
  5. Best of the Month by [Your Name]
  6. [Your Name]'s Monthly Highlights.
Dec 29, 2019

What makes a good church newsletter? ›

Use A Variety Of Content

Upcoming sermon title. Worship songs coming up (makes it easier to prepare and participate) An inspiring note from the pastor or another church leader. List the most important upcoming dates.

How do you make church announcements interesting? ›

How to Make Compelling Church Announcements
  1. Welcome guests. Your church will often have new visitors and members. ...
  2. Share how to connect with the church. ...
  3. Make the announcement. ...
  4. Choose someone with experience. ...
  5. Connect your announcements with the mission. ...
  6. Limit late additions. ...
  7. Make it interesting. ...
  8. Choose the right time.
Dec 15, 2022

What is a tagline in a newsletter? ›

The tagline.

It's a piece of text that is very different to the headline and plays a much broader role: it's the phrase that positions the brand in the market and that, combined with the brand name, is the cornerstone of the brand identity.

How do you make a cool newsletter? ›

  1. Focus On Offering Value. Offer value, period. ...
  2. Keep It Short, Authentic And Actionable. ...
  3. Test For The Right Frequency. ...
  4. Write For Your Audience, Not For You. ...
  5. Use Clever And Relevant Headlines. ...
  6. Create Content Worth Reading. ...
  7. Curate Engaging Elements. ...
  8. Run Special Editions.
Dec 28, 2020

Should newsletters have a name? ›

A consistent and memorable name helps keep you—and your brand—top of your readers' mind. A unique name is also easier to refer to since it stands out in your mind. Finally, a newsletter name that stands out in the inbox can boost open rates and engagement.

What is a good opening sentence for newsletter? ›

Here are some examples of email newsletter opening lines:
  • In this free monthly dose of the [Brand] Update, we're focusing on [list of email contents].
  • Good morning and happy [day]! ...
  • This month in [brand], check out our latest [list of products].
  • Welcome to [newsletter name], [brand]'s newly revamped newsletter.
Mar 12, 2020

Should the name of a newsletter be in quotes? ›

Use italics for the names of newsletters. Use italics for opera titles. Titles of all works of art (paintings, drawings, photographs, statues) should be set in roman type with quotation marks.

How many pages should a newsletter be? ›

Short articles can range between 250 – 500 words. For longer news articles, such as features, the word count should range between 500 – 1000 words. It is recommended that your newsletter not exceed six pages in length.

What time in the month is best for a newsletter? ›

OmniSend found that the first two weeks of the month tend to be better than the latter two weeks. Days 1-10 of the month saw opening rates of 18% and CTR (click-through rates) of 5.59%. Later in the month, averages would drop slightly, with opening rates moving down to 17% and CTR down to 5.24%.

What is the best daily newsletter? ›

  1. The Assist. A favorite among modern professional women, The Assist is an entertaining, quick, and digestible newsletter that gives useful advice to help you have a productive and successful professional career and happy life. ...
  2. Morning Brew. ...
  3. The Daily Upside. ...
  4. The Daily Good. ...
  5. The DONUT. ...
  6. The Newsette. ...
  7. Girlboss. ...
  8. 1440.
Apr 25, 2023

How long should a church newsletter be? ›

How Long Should a Church Newsletter Be? To keep engagement levels high, don't try to squeeze everything into one newsletter. If it's too long to read, people will drop off before getting to the end. It's optimal to keep the newsletter between 500 to 1,000 words.

What are the three pillars of a newsletter? ›

Three Pillars of a Great Newsletter: Design, Content and Value.

What is the best time to send church emails? ›

The best time is 10 AM. Several studies concluded the best time is 10 AM, another notable time is 11 AM. The next best time is actually a timespan—8 PM through midnight. Emails are usually opened and clicked more in the evening than any other time of day.

What is another name for church announcements? ›

Here are some other words you could use:

Bulletin – Church Bulletin, First Rock Baptist Bulletin, Gazette – Cross Church Gazette, Glorious Gazette, Journal – Journal of Faith, Faith First Journal.

How do I attract more people to my church? ›

  1. Equip People to Invite Others. It's important for leaders to focus on ways to grow the church, but they can't do it alone. ...
  2. Make Sure Your Church Can Be Found Online. ...
  3. Host Community Outreach Days + Other Public Events. ...
  4. Live Stream Church Services Online. ...
  5. Challenge People to Serve + Volunteer.
Nov 30, 2022

How do you attract crowds to a church? ›

7 ways to attract new members
  1. Evangelism training. Most people first come to a church because of a relationship they have with someone who already attends. ...
  2. Personalized invitations. ...
  3. Get out and visit. ...
  4. Welcome at worship. ...
  5. Become the neighborhood “welcome wagon” ...
  6. Stake your church. ...
  7. Create a welcome kit or basket.

What not to include in a newsletter? ›

If you want to avoid your newsletter ending up in email purgatory, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid.
  • Generic Subject Lines. ...
  • Poorly Written Content. ...
  • Over-doing Links and Calls to Action (CTA) ...
  • Appeal to a Specific Audience. ...
  • Use a Template. ...
  • Ask your Readers to Invite Others to Subscribe.
Apr 1, 2022

What should you avoid in a newsletter? ›

Avoid using sophisticated words, idioms, and jargon. Keep your writing simple. It will improve the effectiveness of your newsletters and help you increase the conversion rate.

What is a catchy slogan? ›

A tagline is a catchy quip that evokes an image of your brand in the minds of your customers. Taglines enable people to make lighthearted associations with your business: "When I see [tagline], I think [company]."

What is a creative tagline? ›

Creative slogans: Creative slogans are crafted to help your brand stand out against the competition. A creative slogan should be unique and specific to your brand, but still easy enough to understand so that your audience gets the message immediately.

What is an example of a catchy tagline? ›

In this next section, we'll take a closer look at 10 popular slogans from some of the biggest brands.
  • Bounty "The quicker picker upper" ...
  • Old Spice "The original. ...
  • AllState "You're in good hands" ...
  • Subway "Eat fresh" ...
  • Dollar Shave Club "Shave time. ...
  • Airbnb "Belong anywhere" ...
  • Dunkin' "America runs on Dunkin'"

How long should a newsletter be? ›

Aim for 200-word email newsletters.

Emails of approximately 20 lines of text or about 200 words results in the highest email click-through rate for most industries, according to a study of more than 2.1 million customers by Constant Contact.

Why do most newsletters fail? ›

There is a disconnect between the audience and the content.

This problem isn't unique to email marketing, but it's the reason many newsletters go unread. People subscribe to newsletters for information that will help them succeed in their work or personal life. Promotion, therefore, falls on deaf ears.

Do people still read newsletters? ›

When it comes to customer acquisition and engagement, email newsletters are alive and well. After all, 99% of users check their emails daily, and 73% of millennials would rather receive an email from a brand that wants to send them marketing materials.

Do Millennials read newsletters? ›

Not surprisingly, newsletter subscribers are more common amongst younger generations: 95% of Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X each receive newsletters compared to “only” 84% of Baby Boomers.

What is a catchy opening sentence? ›

Start with the chase. A good hook might also be a question or a claim—anything that will elicit an emotional response from a reader. Think about it this way: a good opening sentence is the thing you don't think you can say, but you still want to say. Like, “This book will change your life.”

What is an example of a newsletter intro? ›

Newsletter Intro Examples

Welcome to the latest edition of our monthly newsletter! We're excited to share with you some exciting updates and news from our company.” “Hello [Name], we're back with another edition of our weekly newsletter, packed with all the latest industry insights and trends.”

How do you write a catchy newsletter article? ›

Guidelines for Writing a Compelling Newsletter
  1. Use a strong subject line. ...
  2. Include a clear call to action. ...
  3. Include hyperlinks. ...
  4. Keep it as brief as possible! ...
  5. Break up heavy text with bullets and lists. ...
  6. Include images.
  7. Be flexible and track your performance.

Do you underline the title of a newsletter? ›

Use underlining (italics) for titles and subtitles of books, plays, periodicals, films, television series, works of art, and long musical works. When you write the title of a book, a play, a movie, a magazine, a newspaper, or some other major creative work, underline the entire title.

Do you put quotes around names? ›

This is one writing question that's easy to overthink once you begin editing, but a name usually only needs to be capitalized; it typically doesn't require italics or quotation marks.

Does a newsletter need to be italicized? ›

Italicize titles of journals, books, newsletters, and manuals; letters, words, terms, and equation symbols that are being highlighted for discussion; foreign words; words or phrases that are being emphasized; and names of specific vessels.

What is the best layout for a newsletter? ›

A signal column layout is best used for a focused message. A multi-column layout is best used to prompt a variety of content. You don't want to design a newsletter with 1000 different sections and images. Stay focused on one goal, for example, if you are sending out an educational email, only discuss educational tips.

How many fonts should you use in a newsletter? ›

Number of fonts

It's best to use a maximum of two font combinations for a newsletter. This makes your design look professional and uncluttered. You can try to pair serif fonts with sans-serif fonts, such as using a serif font for the main body and a sans-serif font for your title, or vice-versa.

What do you put on the front page of a newsletter? ›

Nameplate. The banner on the front of a newsletter that identifies the publication is its nameplate. The nameplate usually contains the name of the newsletter, possibly graphics or a logo, and perhaps a subtitle, motto, and publication information including volume number and issue or date.

Is it better to send newsletter Friday or Saturday? ›

To wrap up, here are your main email sending time takeaways:

Send your newsletter on weekdays if you want higher open and click rates, and on weekends if you want your audience's undivided attention. Think about your marketing goals, your messaging and your target audience before choosing a specific day and time.

What day of the week is best for newsletter? ›

Overall, weekdays — as usual — tend to perform the best, with the lowest engagement numbers falling on the weekend.” Sender finds data shows the highest email opens by the day of the week Data from Sender finds, “It is best to send out email newsletters on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.”

What are the best and worst days to send newsletters? ›

After looking at the data, we found that: Thursday is the best day to send emails with the highest revenue per recipient rate. 9-11 am seems to be the best time. Saturday is the worst day to send emails.

What is the most popular newsletter in the world? ›

The New York Times — The Morning

New York Times' The Morning is one of the world's most subscribed-to newsletters, and it's not hard to see why. It features a highly digestible summary of the top news stories of the day, as well as links to more in-depth stories that are worth delving into if you have the time.

How do newsletters make money? ›

The most common way newsletters make money is through newsletter ads and sponsorships. Newsletter ads work similarly to other sponsored content. Companies and brands get a link to their product or service inside your regular email. These links are accompanied by some ad copy and an image of their product or logo.

What are church brochures called? ›

Church bulletins, or sometimes called service guides, are used primarily as a communication tool.

What do you call the handout for church? ›

Church bulletins, also known as service guides, commonly serve as communication tools, broadcasting a variety of information to everyone in attendance.

Should my newsletter have a name? ›

A consistent and memorable name helps keep you—and your brand—top of your readers' mind. A unique name is also easier to refer to since it stands out in your mind. Finally, a newsletter name that stands out in the inbox can boost open rates and engagement.

What is the name for church collection? ›

In traditional forms of Christianity, a tithe (the first tenth of one's income) is seen as what is owed to God, while alms (offerings) are anything contributed beyond that. During the offertory or immediately before it, a collection of money or other gifts for the poor or for the church is taken up.

What is a church donation tray called? ›

Chalices, Patens & Ciboriums

Patens and Ciboriums are used to hold and distribute the eucharistic bread. A Ciborium is a coved vessel used to hold the Eucharist. The Paten is the tray upon which it is distributed to the parish.

What is a church newsletter? ›

On a basic level, a church newsletter is a way to share information about what you're doing, upcoming events, and any changes or important notices about your weekly service. Most churches usually include an itinerary for the upcoming weekly service.

What is backstage of church called? ›

A sacristy, also known as a vestry or preparation room, is a room in Christian churches for the keeping of vestments (such as the alb and chasuble) and other church furnishings, sacred vessels, and parish records.

What are church activities called? ›

Liturgy is the customary public ritual of worship performed by a religious group.

What is a section of church called? ›

The nave is that part of a church set apart for the laity, as distinguished from the chancel, choir, and presbytery, which are reserved for the choir and clergy.

What else is a church called? ›

On this page you'll find 61 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to church, such as: chapel, mosque, parish, sanctuary, shrine, and synagogue.

What is another word for church group? ›

Although the word is most usually assigned to the members of a church, any gathering might be called a congregation, including a gathering of animals. Come to think of it, a congregation of church members is often called a "flock."

What is a synonym for church group? ›

synonyms for congregation

On this page you'll find 60 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to congregation, such as: audience, crowd, flock, gathering, parish, and throng.

What is the word for church money? ›

Devout church-goers usually tithe, even in years when their finances are very tight. Tithe comes from the Old English word teogotha, which means “tenth.” To tithe is to relinquish one-tenth of your personal income, either as a mandatory contribution, a voluntary donation, or as a levy.


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